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    Have you practiced “A Course in Miracles” year-after-year and have yet to “Ascend” to Reality? Are you unable to “Transcend the illusion of the world” or to “Get out of the Dream”? Do you still want to? Then you are likely ready for THIS supportive in-depth study of the same course, which has specifically been developed to bring about this very experience. Focusing on utilizing the deepest teachings of “A Course in Miracles” and applying them in a way to actually achieve it. 

    Sure, “Peace & Happiness” and living a happy dream has been wonderful, but do you really believe you can awaken out of the dream at any moment you choose? Christ can. So, let us do the course completely, this time!

    Are you a new student of “A Course in Miracles” and want to get the most out of it? Assuring you do it right, and have a mighty companion, who has actually achieved what it has to offer right at your fingertips every step along the entire journey?

    Tired of hearing the same “spiritual” words regurgitated from the mouths of different teachers?  It would seem in order to achieve this course on ascension, it would be best to have the assistance of someone who has actually achieved it themselves. Unless they are learning along with you, a teacher can only teach as far as they experience for themselves, and perhaps someone with a clear bodily voice would be helpful.
A Course in Miracles, Intensive  
To Ascend, this time.

    This is an intensive course for those who are honestly serious about transcending the world (“Ascension”). It consist of a specific curriculum  to train the consciousness to think in correspondence to the dimensional perspectives of the Spiritual-Universe. While there are many layers to what you can get out of it, it is intended for this greatest goal, 
which you are fully capable of achieving this time!
If achieved Ascension, why are you still here?

    To shorten a long story, Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne has chosen to return to teach this course and have a family instead of permanently ascending. Now he teaches what he has achieved and no longer seeks to achieve it again himself, till the day comes. Because of the clarity that is gained from this achievement, Devan is entirely confident that anyone who actually does this course properly will Ascend to a “higher plane” before finishing it.  (If that really is what they want above all else.)

    While it is very well possible for you to get involved in this course with no previous introduction or experience, you will get out of it as much as your willing to put in it. While many choose to gain the ability to live happy, peaceful, healthy and successful lives, transcendence is entirely possible. However, If you expect to be able to maintain your life structure and transcend it entirely, you have misunderstood what it means to transcend. While the word can be used in many forms of context, to “transcend the world” means to literally leave behind everything you know as physical for an additional experience of this enteral life, in the wholly-spiritual universe. 

    When you do get there, you will be given a choice, to indeed enter this alternate experience permanently or return to share and teach the things you have learned and seen. If you do choose to return, you are an expert that can go at anytime. However, even while this is up to your divine purpose as your “free-will” to choose. The purpose of this course to bring you to this decision, while achieving personal-happiness, peace-of-mind and the ability to experience daily miracles along the way.

“Don’t worry, you won’t accidentally Ascend if you don’t want to.”
~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

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Each of the Twelve (12) parts of this intensive course consist of Thirty (30) Days, each with six forms of lectures, applicable techniques, readings, prayers and meditations which correspond to each lesson, all ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes long. Including additional content, diagrams, worksheets and conversations every week, to increase the experience and probably of success. In addition,  new helpful content that is being added all throughout the year. 

This course can be done at your own pace (no more then one lesson a day), any time of the day or night with life-time access which can even be passed down to your children.  

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Not Simply Another ACIM Teacher Trying to ‘Get Out’ of the dream.

“I can do that anytime I wish”


“At long last, I get some 
of the early course.”
~ Linda H.
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“It’s like having a translator 
for the lessons, speeding up 
understanding immensely!” ~ Jason M
     After Rev. Devan’s multidimensional “Death” experience clarity on the design and intention of “A Course in Miracles” has exceeded his capabilities as a human being.  For years he has offered this support with no financial exchange for many years. Now simply sharing the same gift with flexible exchange options to also support his new family.

We are Accepting Trade-of-Service Applications: HERE
Your Companion the entire journey.  

    As much as anyone is able to talk a good game and claim anything they want without proof, I am unable to show you the truth for a numerous of reasons. I am establishing this course so you can have the first-hand evidence ("proof") for yourself of what I have achieved. You can only be taught as far as the teacher has gone themselves and I am so confident that you will be able to achieve the degree of awakening you honestly desire, through this course for I have been and achieved every degree of it which this "world" could offer including the "escaping" from it. While this may not be your first time through "ACIM", I am confident to say: this CAN be your last!
~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

Questions about Devan & his Spiritual Validity?

“Do this course the way I have and  experience first-hand the evidence 
that ascension is possible.”
~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

    After dedicating the majority of his life to decades of  spiritual practice, Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne has returned from a five year vision quest, living voluntarily in poverty as an independently inspired monk. Devan sought strictly to transcend the world, surrendering every aspect of his life to the finest degree. After reaching a climaxing "death" experience where he claims to have achieved exactly that. Devan experience all of his "past" and "future" all in a single moment and chose to return to hold to the commitments he made of having a physical family, when choosing this life originally. Upon his return from this experience Devan has been in crystal clear communication with the "Wholly-Spiritual Universe" and claims to comprehend and "recall" the entire order of creation of all reality. Often referencing this to the "Ten Dimensions" of reality, Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne's goal here is to support his family while training in; those who truly desire liberation and transcendence EXACTLY how to achieve it.

    Teaching "A Course in Miracles" for over 10 years as a professional podcaster, extending his gift of vision and awareness to homes, churches and conference centers world-wide. With previous experience and teaching of 10 years in meditation, energy-work and alternative therapies. Now taking all of these practices to an extraordinary new level of intensity and intimacy right into your hands, homes, heads and hearts. Discounts on courses are available for listeners.

    Unlike other teachers of this course Devan has taken it literal, and did not accept any degree lesser till he achieved every level of what it has to offer. Now living from a whole new perspective far exceeding the tiny life of this person. Confident in his interpretation, Devan began his extraordinary journey in communication with "God" at the age of twelve. Yet just like any human, learned the ways of a limited world of suffering and pain, simply to accept his role to teach all those others who have been in this same addiction to the world, their way out.

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“The ego does not want you to do this course, for this time it KNOWS you will succeed in it’s demise.”
~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne
Linda H

        “It is great because Rev. Devan gets into the deepest aspects of the Course (totally incomprehensible to most beginners) in the same lesson set where he reads and explains it from the most elementary standpoint. LOVE the meditations.”
Dr. Divid R

        “I have really enjoyed this course. I can tell that a lot of work and care has been put in to it, because there is a lot of material. Devan also gives links to free resources outside of this course as well, so you can dive as deep as you want to go. The course is labeled well. It really is an intensive course. I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in just this first month already, and I am diving deeper into my own self discovery than I have ever been able to go before. Maybe the way this material is delivered just resonates with me, or maybe this is just where the universe wants me to be right now - but this course was exactly what I was looking for.”
Jason M

        “JUST CLICK BUY NOW!! Devan has a unique and fun way of teaching ACIM lessons. He has gone above and beyond with numerous examples, prayers and explanations. I enjoy the daily meditations most myself. After watching the lesson for the day and experiencing the meditation "I am THERE" It gives me a sense of a lift through out the day. It is well worth the small investment for a life changer!!”
Nadine B

        “Very intrigued so much that I have definitely decided to give my all on this journey!”
“This course is not for everyone 
and only you know if you are called.”
~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne
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